Thai Green Chicken Curry

Green curry paste
8-10 green chillies
20 gm lemon grass
15 gm onions
10 gm garlic
10 gm Kha ginger
50 gm coriander roots
5 gm cumin
5 gm coriander seeds
2 macroot leaves-chopped
10 gm shrimp paste
salt to taste

Chicken green curry
100 gm chicken breast cubes
10 gm sugar
4 pea brinjal
5 bird chillies
15 gm basil
1 macroot leaves
10 ml oil
150 ml coconut milk

For the green curry paste, grind all ingredients together to a fine paste.

For the chicken, heat the oil and saute green curry paste. 

Add diced boneless chicken breast and cook further.

Add coconut milk, sugar, bird chillies, salt and macaroot leaves and simmer till the chicken is tender.

Finally add the sweet basil leaves.

Serve with rice.

Courtesy: Chef Niru Gupta,