Minestrone Soup

3-4 tsp oil
1 cup spring onions, turnips, carrots and beans - finely chopped
4-5 garlic pods - chopped
1/2 cup celery stems - chopped
12 tomatoes - pureed
1 cup of water
1 chicken - seasoning cube
1 tsp Kashmiri chilli powder
salt - to taste
pepper - to taste
1/2 tsp sugar
a handful of pasta
celery leaves

Heat the oil in a pressure cooker and saute the onions and garlic. 

Add the turnips, carrots and beans.
Saute again.

Chop the celery stems and mix well.

Mix in the tomato puree, salt, chilli powder, pepper and sugar.
Now add the water and seasoning cube, pressure cook for 10 minutes.

When done, break and add the pasta, cook until thick and aromatic.

Garnish with celery leaves and serve.

Courtesy: Suparna Trikha