Daal Gosht

1 kg mutton/lamb - cut into pieces 
1 cup ghee 
2 cups onions - sliced thin and browned crisp in the ghee, then ground to a paste 
10 chhoti elaichi (cardamoms) 
10 laung (cloves) 
1 tsp seeds of badi elaichi (black cardamom) - powdered 
1 tbsp chilli powder 
3 tbsp powdered dhania (coriander) 
1 tsp haldi (turmeric) 
1 tsp ginger paste 
1 tsp garlic paste 
1 cup dahi (yogurt) 
1 tbsp salt 
1 cup channa daal - soaked for one hour 
2 tbsp hara dhania (coriander leaves) - chopped, for garnish

Heat the ghee and fry the onions. 
Add chhoti elaichi, laung and badi elaichi. 

Add the meat and sauté over high heat till meat is opaque. 
Add ginger, garlic and yogurt. Stir till mixed well. 

Add the chilli powder, dhania and salt. 
Cover, lower the heat and cook till tender, stirring a few times. 

Add the onion paste and daal and cook till daal is tender. 
Serve garnished with the coriander leaves. 

In case you want some gravy to it, add water according to taste, 
and simmer for another five minutes before serving.

Courtesy: Chef Niru Gupta