Rose Cookies Christmas Special

Maida 2 Kg. (Pastry - Flour)
Coconut Milk (1½ coconut.)
Eggs 3
Salt and sugar according to taste.
Black Til ( little) (Sesame Seed).

Mix Maida with coconut milk, sugar, salt and beaten eggs to a thick batter. 

(Dosa consistency.)
Add Black til and keep aside. ( Water can be added if necessary.)

Ensure the batter is thick and a falling consistency. 

If too thick add a little coconut milk.
Check the taste, and pour the batter into a open rimmed dish e.g. a deep plate.

When the oil is hot dip the Rosette mold with the desired shape into the oil for 1 min - the first time.
Lift the mold and place onto the batter CAREFULLY, 

ensuring the batter does not rise over the edges of the mold for just about 5 seconds.

Lift quickly from the batter and float the mold into the oil, 

shaking the handle gradually to get the Rosette slip into the oil.
Continue with another Rosette (if possible), this time heating the mold only for 30 seconds (depending on the temp. of the oil) while keeping an eye on the one floating in the oil.

Turn the Rosette (floating) when slightly brown, 

drain and lift when brown on both sides and place on oil absorbent napkins.

Continue with the rest of the batter, either one at a time or two - depending on the size of the utensil.

Chef Rozerio, Courtesy: Chef Niru Gupta., mangalore delicacy