Barbecued Tandoori Bread

500 gm flour
pinch of salt
water for kneading
butter (for parantha)

500 gm maida
1 egg
100 gm yoghurt
water for kneading
300 ml milk
1 tsp sugar
pinch of salt
pinch of kalonji
butter (for butter naan)

Knead dough to wet consistency. Make balls (pedas) of maida.

Make the appropriate bread shape.
(Tandoori roti, Lachcha parantha, naan or butter naan).

For the naan:
sprinkle the kalaunji before baking.

Put on a wet cloth mounting, and stick gently into the hot tandoor.
When cooked, scrape out of tandoor with a saria.

Serve with appropriate garnish.

Courtesy: Chef Roopa Gulati