Peshawari Kebab

1/2 kg chicken mince [or mutton mince]
1 tbsp ginger, coarsely grounded
1 tbsp garlic, coarsely grounded
2 onion, chopped finely
3-4 green chillies, sliced finely
1-2 eggs
salt to taste
1 tsp crushed red chillies 
1 tsp crushed black pepper 
1 tbsp zeera (cumin seeds, roasted and crushed)
1 tbsp coriander seeds ,roasted and crushed
1-1/2 tbsp anar dana (dry pomegranate seeds) 
3 tbsp maize flour or gram flour
2 medium tomatoes, chopped finely
2 tbsp green coriander, chopped
oil for shallow frying
In a bowl mix all ingredients except oil and tomatoes.
Marinate for 30 minutes. 
Add tomatoes just before frying.
Make big flat kebabs.
Shallow fry the kebabs till golden.
Serve with tandoori roti or naan.

Courtesy: Divya Burman