Instant Kulfi

1 liter full cream milk 
1/2 cup sugar 
1/4 tsp saffron 
4-5 green cardamoms 
12-15 almonds-blanched and shredded 
2 tbsp pistachios-blanched and shredded 
8 kulfi moulds 
vark leaves-optional
Boil the milk in a wide, heavy-based pan and then simmer over medium heat, 
stirring from time to time to avoid scorching. 
Simmer till about half the volume of milk is left. 
The milk will take about 30-40 minutes to thicken. 
When done, the color of the milk changes to a beige-cream, 
and the bubbles appear mostly in the center of the pan. 
Add the sugar and saffron, 
bring to a boil again and simmer for another minute or two. 
Add the cardamom and turn off the heat. 
When cool, add the nuts, 
saving a few for garnishing. 
Mix well and pour into moulds. 
Freeze at the lowest possible temperature. 
To serve take the mould out of the freezer 
and prise the kulfi out with the help of a knife, 
into an individual serving bowl. 
Garnish with vark leaves and nuts and serve immediately.

Courtesy: Niru Gupta