Steamed Spring Rolls

8 spring roll or egg roll wrappers
mushrooms cut lengthwise
chicken pieces cut lengthwise
fish pieces cut lengthwise
crab cut lengthwise
roots of yam

Place one egg roll wrapper on work surface.
Take a slice of yam root, place the fish,
crab, chicken and mushroom on it, close to the middle of the wrapper and roll it.
Fold over the corner near you, then the two sides corners.
Gently roll toward the far corner.
Moisten the edges with water, to seal the roll.
Make all the rolls in a similar way.
Now steam the rolls for 5-10 minutes in a bamboo basket or a regular steamer.
Steamed Spring rolls are ready.
Transfer rolls to serving platter and serve with citrus mustard sauce or sweet and sour Thai sauce.

Courtesy: Chef Hui Shing